Answered By: Stephanie C Gillespie
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2017     Views: 53

When you research, you generally need 3 basic sources (books, articles, and websites). This is due to the way they are published.

  • Use books for background information: they give a history and look at multiple aspects of a topic. But they take time to write and publish, so the information is usually 2-3 years older than the copyright date.
  • Use articles for specific, recent information: they take 6-8 months to publish, but due to space, they cover one small aspect of the topic.
  • Use websites for latest information, but check credibility! .org, .com, and .net sites are not necessarily credible. Is the info biased? Check where the money is coming from and what their mission is. Usually credible: .gov, .edu, and .mil.