Answered By: Hannah DiMeglio
Last Updated: Feb 12, 2021     Views: 11

Choose a topic area you are interested in and want to learn more about. Type that topic into OneSearch... On the left, limit results to within the last 5 years, scholarly, and journal articles. If you have well over 15,000 results, your topic is too big. So! Look over the titles for smaller topics within this topic area... perhaps you want to focus on a specific population, area, or related subject. Add that focused area to your search. 


For example, I want to look at euthanasia, but get 25,285 results (too many). So, I look through the results and see lab animals as a related subject. I add lab animals to euthanasia and search again. I get 16,181 results... which is around 15,000, so it's fine. 


Check out our Argument Questions List for pre-searched topics. If you really have trouble getting started or need help with researching or citing, please Ask a Librarian... we're here to help you!

Also, please don't forget to use the citation tool to get the MLA 8th edition citation and check it with the MLA Citation Guide. The MLA Paper Template can save you lots of time, too.