Answered By: Stephanie Gillespie
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Use SIRS Issue Researcher or Opposing Viewpoints in Context databases to focus your topic. Then, use the Kibin Thesis Statement Generator to help you build a solid thesis statement:

  1. Choose “argumentative essay”
  2. Type in your general topic (ex. genetically modified foods)
  3. Click on “for” or “against” and then on the orange “I’m ready to choose my focus” button
  4. Type in your specific intended audience (ex. Americans)
  5. Add one more claim so that there are at least 3 claims and type in your specific argument points (ex. Genetically modified foods… 1. have been linked to creating diseases like cancer, 2. contaminate non-GM foods, 3. has very little oversight from the FDA.)
  6. Click on orange “Show me my thesis statement” button.

My example thesis: “Americans should be against genetically modified foods, because they have been linked to creating diseases like cancer, contaminate non-GM foods, and has very little oversight from the FDA.”

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  1. Tell me how can I access the database
    by Hlle Word on Feb 04, 2019
  2. I have updated the link to Opposing Viewpoints database. Thank you for the head's up!
    by Stephanie C Gillespie on Feb 04, 2019