Answered By: Stephanie C Gillespie
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2017     Views: 198

Turnitin is completely integrated with D2L through Dropbox.
When the instructor sets up the assignment in Dropbox, they click a box under the Originality Check header; this automatically submits it to Turnitin.
In D2L's Dropbox, the folder properties window has an "originality check" option that an instructor can choose to submit assignments to Turnitin.
When the Originality Check box is checked, the instructor sees Advanced Options underneath.
Advanced options for Originality Check in D2L.
When students submit an assignment in the Dropbox, they will see the submitted files, Turnitin Similarity check, and the date submitted.
Student view of Dropbox in D2L when Originality Check is turned on.
When the originality check is complete, the student will be able to see the result of the originality check.
Student's view of the result from the originality check.
The instructor will be able to see all students' originality results.
Instructor view of all students' results from the originality check.
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